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Many of us like the idea of superheroes being in a comic book with powers or machines that give them some type of power. As a kid watching tv, many shows were animated superhero shows such as Superman, Batman or Black Panther. I believe that we are all fascinated with the idea of a great hero saving us from evil people or natural disasters. I can relate to this interest when I think about my hero “God”. Before him there was none nor will there be any god’s after him nor does he know of any, so therefore who can stand against him? He also took our place when we rebelled against him and most and not foremost he defeated death and is alive today.
My hero has the ultimate power because, in the beginning, he created the heavens and the earth. He created everything we see today here on earth and in the heavens above. He created man out of dirt and made him in the image of himself. He then created woman from a man’s rib. The man and woman then sinned against God and the fall of the human race began. Man and the woman were forgiven and knew that God would years later bring them to reconciliation.
My hero is willing to give up his most valuable thing to him to save those who want a relationship with him. He gave up his most valuable thing which was his son Jesus Christ. God saw the race of humanity and how dark their hearts were and decided to send his only begotten son to the world. Jesus bought forth healing, truth, a new covenant and teachings to the world. He came with a purpose to make a difference and to fulfill his fathers will. He gave himself up and died on the cross so that we can have reconciliation with the father and live in the truth.
My hero is not dead. After three days of Jesus’s death, he resurrected to be with the father and was given all authority on earth and heaven so that he can be our representative before his father for those who are reconciled to him. My Hero isn’t only the creator of everything or the lamb who was slain for our inequity but he is the only one who can defeat death and grant us a resurrecting heart so we can live in paradise with him forever and not the lake of fire.


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What is true freedom?

Many say it’s the ability to do whatever you please

But whatever you please

ends up leading you

to Falling to your knees

indulging in all the pleasures of

this world makes you weaker

and weaker

You must stand your ground

And be a true believer

Neither am I just talking about

going to church

You must put God first

Even when it hurts

Come on guys stop getting in your feelings

Take off them skirts

This new generation needs a person who can break the curse

God has the true living water that can take away your thirst

It’s time to move forward

Stop moving in reverse

I feel Gods spirit through every verse

Go serve and make disciples

We got more people spreading hate and holding a rifle

It’s our turn to make a difference and spread love using the Bible.


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