Jun 22, 2018 by Kevin Cerdas - 0 Comments

What is true freedom?

Many say it’s the ability to do whatever you please

But whatever you please

ends up leading you

to Falling to your knees

indulging in all the pleasures of

this world makes you weaker

and weaker

You must stand your ground

And be a true believer

Neither am I just talking about

going to church

You must put God first

Even when it hurts

Come on guys stop getting in your feelings

Take off them skirts

This new generation needs a person who can break the curse

God has the true living water that can take away your thirst

It’s time to move forward

Stop moving in reverse

I feel Gods spirit through every verse

Go serve and make disciples

We got more people spreading hate and holding a rifle

It’s our turn to make a difference and spread love using the Bible.


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