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What are leased beats?

Leasing rights give the music artist a certain amount of uses per lease. Once it runs out, the customer would need to buy another lease for the same beat. You can give out as many units as you can, it's really all up to you. Another thing about leasing is that the producer can sell the beat to multiple artists, as long as nobody buys the exclusive rights to it. This can be very good for the producer because he won't have to take the beat off sale and make more money off of it. It is a cheaper price for the artist, because this is meant for mixtapes and promos. Usually, you wouldn't want to lease a beat for albums; it would make much more sense to buy the exclusive rights because you don't want to hear another rapper have your beat in their album, too. The producer usually would give out an MP3 version of it, with a less of a better quality sound than the exclusive. This is because they don't want to give out the best quality sound, unless it was an exclusive. They deserve the better sounding material.

What file formats do you offer?

AIFF, WAV & MP3 if you are looking for any of these file formats email me at kcentertainment@kcerdas.com

How much are custom beats?

Custom beats range from $100-$300 depending on the genre and the date the artist needs it.

Do you offer music services?

Yes I offer services at my studio, if you are looking to schedule an appointment for studio time contact me at kcentertainment@kcerdas.com

About Me

Kevin is a very dedicated and passionate person when it comes to creating music. He is a very easy person to work with and always looks forward to working with new people. He sings, plays the guitar and piano. He is a audio engineer that is currently getting his bachelors at Full Sail University. He has a professional home studio where he records vocalists, guitars, piano's and other instruments. He also mixes and master's songs and albums. If you are looking for your song to sound amazing Kevin is the right person to fit the description. He is a person that you can confidently go to for a great professional quality sound in your music. Please contact us if you have any questions!


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